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Jo-Ann: Handmade Heroes – Jean

Excited to finally be able to share this spot we worked on for Jo-Ann last year – loved Jean’s story and loved that Jo-Ann let us make some really fun work for them! Director – Stephen DeVries DP – Stuart Jones Audio Engineer – Eric Chapman Creative Director – Richard Vollmer Script Supervisor – Annalise […]

Creme Brûlée – Motion

Loved directing this Creme Brûlée Motion piece at Studio 104 — awesome crew and couldn’t be happier with the final product! Creme Brûlée from Stephen DeVries on Vimeo. Producer – Whitney Northcut DP – Stuart Jones 1st Assistant – Dawson Jordan Gaffer – Seth Newell Food Stylist – Loren Wood Prop Stylist – Andrea Fanning Audio […]

Happy New Year – A look back at 2016

It’s officially 2017 and I thought I’d kick off the year by looking back at 2016. Rather than do a top 10 post this year like I’ve done in the past, I thought I’d just tell you about some of the highlights of 2016 and share some of my favorite work that I made this […]

Meet Whitney – The New SDP Studio Manager!

As we near the New Year, I’ve been thinking back about the amazing/epic/crazy/whirlwind of a year that 2016 has been and about the long (really long!) list of things that I’m thankful for. That’s when I realized that I haven’t even introduced my new studio manager yet! Meet Whitney Northcutt – Studio Manager Extrodinaire, Graphic […]

Rome, Italy

Getting the travel bug again big time (just in time for a big trip next week…whew!) and thought I’d finally get around to sharing some images from Rome from a while back…a lot of these were shot on Kodak film with the Pentax 67ii…looking forward to shooting some film on our upcoming travels again after […]

Ginger – 4×5

While I’m off on a tangent from my normal posts I thought I’d share this portrait of my dog, Ginger. If you follow me on instagram (HERE) then you already know Ginger well, but I don’t think she’s had much of a presence on my blog so far. A few weeks back I had an […]


I had the opportunity to shoot a few times in the Bahamas last year and the great weather this weekend had me thinking back to those beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. Can’t wait for summer and some beach/lake time!

CineStill 120 Film Kickstarter

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a kickstarter currently underway to raise the funds for full-scale production of a new still photography film — CineStill 120. It’s a tungsten balanced high-speed color film, something that hasn’t excited for still photography and is certainly a game-changer for film shooters who have to shoot in crummy indoor […]

Lara Porzak for fresh style

Any of you who know me or have followed my blog at all know that I love film photograph and still shoot a lot of film for my work, so you’ll quickly see why I loved working with Lara Porzak for Fresh Style a few months back. Lara still shoots exclusively on film and uses […]


shot on a pentax 67ii, 75mmf2.8 with Kodak portra 400 (scanned by Indie Film Lab)