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Mantry – Pizza Party


Mantry – Tailgating

Just in time for the Super Bowl, here’s a tailgating special from Mantry Styling by Annie

Mantry – December 2014

Mantry – Cocktails

Happy Friday everyone!

Mantry – Thanksgiving Leftovers

loved shooting this thanksgiving food for Mantry with Annie a few months back…also loved eating it after the shoot!

Mantry – Cocktail Party

Had a blast shooting this Mantry cocktail party for their November partnership with GQ. Bonus: my friend Pushan came to visit from France and captured some behind the scenes video for it…check it out: Studio 410 Photoshoot // Birmingham, AL from Puxan BC on Vimeo.

Mantry – Euro Vacation

Food and Prop styling by Annalise DeVries.

Mantry – Grilling

styling by Annie DeVries on this grilled foods shoot we did for Mantry.

Mantry – Street Food

Annie and I met the Mantry crew a few months back on an editorial assignment in NYC and hit it off right away. We were really pumped when they contacted us about styling and shooting some of their upcoming boxes and have had a blast working on them here in the studio. Here’s the book […]