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Annie and I had the chance to spend a few days in Venice last year and I’m FINALLY getting around to posting some of the pictures – what a beautiful city, there’s truly no place like it!

Edinburgh – Scotland

It’s been over a year since our trip to Edinburgh and I’m FINALLY getting around to sharing some images – funny how when you’re a photographer for a living your own photos often get left behind! Loved visiting this beautiful city and beautiful country for the first time!

Rome, Italy

Getting the travel bug again big time (just in time for a big trip next week…whew!) and thought I’d finally get around to sharing some images from Rome from a while back…a lot of these were shot on Kodak film with the Pentax 67ii…looking forward to shooting some film on our upcoming travels again after […]

Fresh Style – Rob Ryan

I was so excited to have the opportunity to meet and photography the amazing artist Rob Ryan in his studio in London for the July/August 2014 issue of Fresh Style magazine. If you’re not familiar with his work check it out HERE…it’s really awesome. Annie and I just hung one of his pieces over the […]

Fresh Style Magazine – Sloan Home

After spending some time shooting with Annie Sloan in Oxford, England earlier this spring, we had the awesome opportunity to go photograph her son and daughter-in-law’s house. Felix and Lizzy were super accommodating and a blast to work with, and to make things better, their house was really cool. Here are a few of the […]


shot on a pentax 67ii, 75mmf2.8 with Kodak portra 400 (scanned by Indie Film Lab)

Simply Gluten Free Magazine – Barcelona

Last summer Annie and I had an awesome opportunity to travel to Barcelona on our way home from the D.R. Congo and were able to shoot a story there for Simply Gluten Free magazine which is running in the current issue. It’s a blast to work on projects together and a blast to travel to […]


Definitely one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited…can’t wait to go back!

Montserrat – Widelux

What better place to break out the widelux than Montserrat in Spain!

Rome – Colosseum